Wine Rack

Clients Name & Location: Private commission

Clients Background: An existing client who saw the bespoke plywood furniture we produce in our factory requested we build a wine rack for them.

Dates: 2019

Project Scope & Budget: From a sketch design we had to develop a suitable unit maintaining the key features of the exposed plywood edges. The design specified a restricted footprint whilst reaching a minimum capacity of wine bottles. Budget was not fixed but to remain within the expectation scope.

Approach & Solution: With experience of working to highlight the nature of plywood we experimented with contracting wood dyes to reach a final colour palate. A drawer for accessories was incorporated as there was some spare height within the overall allowance which could not accommodate further bottles.

Conclusion: The finished unit was easily placed in situ. which could then be relocated as the client wished as they did not required a fixed built-in unit. The client was over the moon with their new, unique custom built wine rack.