Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Harvey Nichols Edinburgh

Clients Name & Location: The Orange Square Company – Helen Bridge Consultancy

Clients Background:  The Orange Square Company is an existing client within the high-end perfumery sector.

Dates: November 2020

Project Scope & Budget: Following an initial client design meeting the Artisan Retail Joinery team had to create a shop-in-shop to fit within an awkward previously under-utilised area of the store (Edinburgh Harvey Nichols). This was made all-the-more difficult as we had to make provision for a small on-site storeroom and maintain existing access to the window display area.

This was and remains the largest single UK site for this specific brand (Maison Francis Kurkdjian) although a well-established high-end brand the budget was slightly optimistic given the large space that needed filling. But that’s why Artisan Retail Joinery were tasked with this project, the client knows that they are in good hands with our custom joinery services and experience in this sector.

Approach & Solution: Upon initial costing it was soon clear that the proposed budget was not achievable by following the brands standard high-end materials and finishes as well as there proposed design, at this stage we sat down with the client to see what hoped to achieve, what were the key details that they wished to retain, having suggested various design tweaks and material finishes we were able to achieve this desired bespoke woodworking project on budget.

Conclusion: Although this was a slightly tweaked design and some alternative slightly cheaper materials were used, the project itself did not suffer for this, the project met all of the clients criteria and still maintained a custom exhibition stand with a high end finish.

Client Testimonial:  “The HN Edinburgh build that was installed last night looks stunning. Luckily this is the only store that is still open in the UK at the moment and I’m please to say it is the most beautiful one yet!


Thanks for all your help on this.”


Krista Byrne

Senior Brand Manager

The Orange Square Company