Coty & L’Oréal – Airport Animated Carousel

Clients Name & Location: Coty Travel Retail – UK and European airports

Clients Background: The Client’s design agency had a new brief to present their Chloe fragrance in a unique and active carousel display within an airport terminal’s environment. Having worked successfully with the agency over a number of years, providing high quality joinery solutions, they were confident that Artisan would grasp the concept, through the intricate development stage and custom exhibition stand design right through to site installations.

Dates: 2015

Project Scope & Budget: A limited production run of high quality joinery was required owing to the investment needed, therefore only selected main hub airports/terminals were selected for distribution of our handmade bespoke furniture. The concept was for an animated display that attracted interest whilst meeting both the safety and security measures necessary within the airport terminal environment. The budget allowed for high quality materials and handmade bespoke furniture but the demands for the mechanical operational requirements meant careful attention to detail to meet the allocated budget. This was an opportunity for Artisan Retail Joinery to once again display the expertise to create a piece of handmade bespoke furniture.

Approach & Solution: Mock-ups were built incorporating construction material options, mechanical equipment, and specialist lighting, and assessed by the project team. Extensive testing was employed to ensure the correct performance criteria was met. The final marriage of polished brass with acrylics, rope, specialist laminates, lighting, turntables, and specialist paint finishes was achieved to meet the visual expectations of such a custom built bespoke piece. The final carousel exceeded the client’s expectations.

Conclusion: The carousel promotion exceeded the client’s expectations in the field with additional handmade bespoke furniture units commissioned with positive feedback from each airport operator which meant easier subsequent promotional negotiations in the future. Artisan Retail Joinery continue to support this valued client with its custom joinery services.