Burberry – Brown Thomas Dublin

Clients Name & Location: Coty – Burberry UK

Clients Background: Coty – Burberry UK is a high end British brand in the perfumery sector.

Dates: October 2018

Project Scope & Budget: From an initial client design we had to create a small pop up site within a major Dublin department store (Brown Thomas) in order to launch one of Burberrys new fragrances. A very simple yet elegant project, with a very classical design, the client was very specific on the colours they wanted and in particular the decorative moulding requiring us to source, and in some cases create bespoke joinery in house to match the clients brief. Perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome on this project was picked up whilst undertaking the site survey, due to Brown Thomas being a very old building the back of house lifts and corridors are particularly small and narrow, and being on the 3rd floor, there was no way to get to the site via other means.

Approach & Solution: Some of the specific moulding were not an available item off the shelf, using our years of experience as joinery manufacturers we were able to recreate custom joinery in house using a variety of techniques and tooling. As for the limited access issue the trick was to modularise the unit into small custom built joinery pieces without affecting the final design, using the natural break points and by manufacturing the pigeon-hole section to conceal any joins we were able to achieve the desired affect without any compromise in quality.

Conclusion: The clients specifications were met and the overall look of the site was not compromised due to the access issues we encountered.

Client Testimonial:  “Such an outstanding site, it looks amazing.”

Pam Bhogal

VM Project Manager – Coty