Our Approach

From receipt of the design or concept idea we discuss each project in detail with the client to understand their expectations from a commercial joinery manufacturer.  From there we compile our tender along with options that become apparent to minimize costs if they do not impact upon the expectations.  From appointment of the contract, we can then provide 3d models and visualizations to assist the client in the development process towards their bespoke joinery requirement.  As we begin development our in-house team apply their skills to provide both technical and ergonomic advice before progressing to the full technical drawings ready for the manufacture of our high class joinery.  During the early stages of development, it may be necessary employ our skilled craftsmen to custom build prototypes which we regularly do as this aids in the resolution of unforeseen issues when attempting something different.  Upon agreement to proceed we then begin material sourcing and it is then over to our proven workshop team to apply their honed skills to produce exceptional, custom made work.

Throughout many projects we are required to work with outside, client appointed specialists, such as audio-visual technicians, model makers, graphic companies, etc. whether that be within our factory or on-site during installation.

Our project management team ensure a constant dialogue is maintained throughout to ensure clients are fully aware of both the manufacturing progress and the schedule.  As the bespoke manufacturing process draws closer to completion the client is invited to view their project either in our factory or by video link for any of those final tweaks.  It is then the project draws to its final stage.  All elements are then carefully packaged before loading onto transportation for delivery to site when our in-house teams meet the delivery and begin the installation.  Our project team are on hand throughout and indeed are there to meet the client on many occasions to hand-over the completed site.

The service doesn’t end upon installation.  We respond as soon as possible to any site issues that may arise, provide a storage facility for any furniture that may have been removed, provide a site O&M manual if requested, maintenance and more.  All part of our high quality joinery service.