August 2020 Update

The Workshop is back in operation with reduced capacity to comply with Covid-19 safe working practices.  Will build up to full capacity as required in the coming months as dictated by projects awarded and the timescales therein.  From the beginning of October, we have production capacity available for new projects.


Current tasks include two projects for the new Harrods Beauty store in Lakeside due for installation at the end of the month. Also, multiple promotional installations in Selfridges, London for two other regular clients.  Enquiries also coming in to cost for which is encouraging for the next couple of months.  Word is that promotional activity will also return on the run into Christmas so our outlook is fine to see us through into early 2021 when we hope the landscape will become clearer.


Currently servicing enquiries for the hotel sector for bespoke furniture requirements.

Noticing increased activity in this sector which we will actively pursue to apply our bespoke joinery skills.

Any new enquiries will be enthusiastically entertained.

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